About Us

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the mobile wallet of choice, with a focus on meeting the needs of local brick and mortar businesses and their customers. 


Our Mission:

Our mission is to increase foot traffic and facilitate all productive interactions between local business and their customers.


The Problem & Solution:

Smartphones continue to take an increasingly bigger role in consumers’ daily lives.  However, small businesses continue to operate under-served with antiquated processes which leave them behind the consumer behavioral curve.  The solutions that exist today are narrow in scope, costly in price and difficult to use. 


Zoupons has merged the best features of 16 standalone products to produce one user friendly destination for shoppers to conduct commerce with local businesses nearby.  



Zoupons is a comprehensive mobile platform available across iOS, Android, Tablet and Web.  The system is designed to bring the latest and best of e-commerce and mobile technologies to the hands of local business.  Zoupons enables a businesses to compete side by side larger companies who have greater marketing and development budgets.  Zoupons’ mission is reflected in its feature set which cover key commerce components of Search, Shop, Share & Management capabilities.  


Our Name:

In 2011, we set out to build a simple mobile coupon application.  The desire came from dissatisfaction with receiving coupons in the mail and them getting discard before viewing. At the same time, our co-founders are passionate about animals.  Hence the name Zoupons which was the marriage of their two areas of interest (zoo and coupon).  The product has evolved since to become a cross functional platform available on iOS, Android, Tablet & Web and has a reach well beyond simple couponing, but the passion for our mission and vision continues today with same focus and energy on providing as many features needed for local business to compete in the digital markets.


Our Logo:

Ants are strong and can lift many times their own body weight.  Similarly, local small business owners are strong in that they can wear several hats at any given time.  The color purple represents those businesses who choose to utilize our platform to grow their business.  Just as a purple ant would stand out among its colony, businesses on Zoupons will stand out among other businesses in their community.


There are two ants in our logo.  The first is Zoey.  She is playful and loves swings.  But more than that, she loves to watch her dad Frank find ways to save and gather for their family.  Frank is the second ant who is carrying an “O” back to the nest.  We plan on introducing Zoey and Frank to children and their parents in an effort to increase awareness of ways they can support local business in their community through Zoupons, while saving for their future.  We believe in our cause to make local business successful and such movements will start one community at a time, one school, one university, one family. 



Several years have passed since we wrote the first line of code on Zoupons.  Since then, millions of lines of code have been written and yet, we feel as we did day one when we started the Company.  We wanted to provide cutting edge technology to local businesses at an extremely affordable rate.  We committed to our goal and continue this mission by offering Zoupons at an affordable rate for unlimited use of every feature on the system.  We believe that through Zoupons we can make a change in lives from small business, local shoppers and at the same time our team of dedicated employees.  Our shoppers will always download the application, create accounts and use our service free of any service charges.  We don't have advertisements on our app either for a better user experience.


We hope you enjoy using the system as we have building it.

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