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1. Zoupons Account Registration To utilize certain portions of the Services provided by Zoupons you must open a Zoupons Account. As part of the registration process you will be asked to provide us (Zoupons) personal information including your name, Email, mobile number and other. You must complete this and other processes, providing accurate and complete information to access any purchases and funds that you accept through the Services provided by Zoupons including mobile payment, gift card sale and deal card sale. Providing Us (Zoupons) with wrong, incomplete or inaccurate Information is breach of Zoupons’ agreement and we (Zoupons) reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Zoupons Account of anyone who breaches Zoupons’ agreement. If you register as a Customer meaning you are either a shopper/buyer or the business owner, to use the Services provided by Zoupons either on mobile application or website, you must be of legal age and resident of the United States or a lawful business authorized by state (s) in which you conduct business, and provide us (Zoupons) with accurate and up to date registration information. All such registration information including the email address, mobile number and credit card (if applicable) must be owned and operated by you. You must not share your Zoupons registration information including any password and PIN associated with your Zoupons account to any third party. You must acknowledge that you will create and use only one Zoupons account, since creation and use of multiple accounts is breach of Zoupons agreement and we (Zoupons) reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Zoupons Account of anyone who breaches Zoupons’ agreement 2. Electronic Receipts Zoupons do not provide you (the customers, shoppers, buyers and/or business owners) with paper receipts in case of any forms of transaction but it posts electronic receipts to your Zoupons Account “Receipts” tab. Zoupons also send electronic receipts to the email you have provided during your registration for a Zoupons Account. 3. Ownership and License The marks “Zoupons”, “Zoupon”, “Zoupons, Inc.,” Zoupons logo, Zoupons purple ant, “ Dream big, shop small” and “ Your Wallet, Your Stores, one(1) Stop” are registered or unregistered trademarks of Zoupons, and they may not be used without Zoupons, Inc. consent in connection with any services or products other than those provided by Zoupons. Zoupons owns the Service, Zoupons website, Zoupons mobile application, the software, programs, updates, title, copyright rights, all and any of the Zoupons website contents, moral rights, rights of publicity, trademark, registrations, renewals and extensions thereof, under the laws of any state, country, territory or other jurisdiction. All content and materials such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, information, data, forms, photographs, graphs, videos, graphics, music, sounds, and other material, and software are the property of Zoupons, its licensors, or applicable third party rights holders such as Merchants. The Services provided by Zoupons on website and/or mobile application are licensed and not sold to third parties. Zoupons gives you a personal, temporary, non-transferable license, to access Zoupons software on Zoupons website and/or mobile application upon our approval. It is your responsibility to install and update the software to be able to use the Zoupons software properly. You must acknowledge and agree that Zoupons has all rights to terminate this Agreement or suspend or close your Zoupons Account for any reason at any time. Zoupons can also suspend your access to your funds on your Zoupons account if you violate the terms and conditions of any Agreement you have with Zoupons and/or participate in any fraudulent activity including credit card, payment, account, information and anything using Zoupons software and its services via Zoupons website and mobile application. 4. Business verification Before and after your Zoupons account approval, we may request information regarding you and your business that may include identifications such as driver’s license, business license, bank account statement and others. Zoupons may also inspect your business location to make sure of your business fitness. You must agree that Zoupons can refuse, suspend and/or terminate your Zoupons account if you refuse any of these requests. 5. Information You understand that Zoupons do not and cannot review and monitor the accuracy of all material made available on Zoupons websites and/or app therefore, Zoupons is not responsible for the accuracy of information, coupons, offers, rebates, discounts and etc. posted via Zoupons website and/or Zoupons app. Zoupons is not responsible for any interruptions, error or defects caused by any reason. Zoupons is not liable for any damages of any kind and in any way, caused directly and/or indirectly via the usage of Zoupons Website and or Zoupons app.
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