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About ADW Diabetes

Who is ADW Diabetes?
ADW Diabetes is a brand name diabetic supply retailer that was founded in 2002. Their headquarters is located in Pompano Beach, Florida. The company aims to supply its diabetic customers who are uninsured or under-insured with diabetes self-management.

What does ADW Diabetes do?
ADW Diabetes sells name brand diabetic supplies such as Glucose Test Strips, Insulin Pump Supplies, Glucose Monitor Kits, Pet Diabetes Supplies and much more. Top brands include Nova Max, Omron, UltiCare, Coloplast. AgaMatrix, Dr. Scholl’s, Medtronic, FreeStyle, Diachieve, etc. On their website, you can find articles related to diabetes offering new advances and healthful insights on the topic.

Why should I use ADW Diabetes?
ADW Diabetes offers great savings on diabetic supplies. Customers can expect to save up to 60% on their purchase. The company carries a wide selection of diabetic supplies from quality brands and they pledge to uphold excellent service with every shopping experience. Customer support is online 24 hours a day making shopping on their site is easy, fast and secure.

Where can I find ADW Diabetes?
You can find ADW Diabetes on their ecommerce site. We would like to thank ADW Diabetes for offering our Zoupons Shoppers exclusive savings which can be found in the coupons tab. Thanks!


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ADW Diabetes
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March 27, 2015
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Lab tests are mandatory in any diabetes management program, but it is impossible to go to one every day to get your blood glucose levels measured. With home test kits, people with diabetes can monitor their own blood glucose levels from the comfort of their own home. Also, having a home test kit makes it possible to keep a log of your results. Sharing these results with your medical team can help pinpoint problems and solutions quicker. Home test kits provide immediate results, which can be vital information to someone with diabetes. New home testing kits can now give you the ability to view your blood sugar levels of over the past 3 months. This hindsight technology can help doctors make adjustments to your health regimen, and help you live a healthier lifestyle. You can purchase glucose monitor kits, home test kits, glucose test strips, and more on the ADW Diabetes website. Be sure to use one of our exclusive coupons to enjoy extra savings on your diabetic supply purchase.

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What Is A Diabetic Meter & Where Can I Get One For Free?

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A diabetic meter or glucose meter is a medical device for people diagnosed with diabetes to measure the concentration of glucose in their blood. This is a vital device for anyone with diabetes since it can notify you of any change in your blood glucose level that, if untreated, could lead to coma and sometimes death. ADW Diabetes is now offering a free diabetic meter when you buy 100 glucose test strips online.

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