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About Baseball Rampage

Who is Baseball Rampage?
Baseball Rampage is an online performance baseball equipment retailer that was founded in 1996. They are a part of the Rampage Sports Group, which is owned by Brian Frank. Other businesses and websites in the group include Softball Rampage, Baseball Closeouts, Lacrosse Rampage, Hockey Rampage, etc. Brian wanted to create a business focused on sports equipment and technology. He had some assistance from Peter Clarkson, the founder and CEO of AC Lens. Clarkson's warehouse space and online expertise helped the Rampage Sports Group grow into the sports equipment retailer that it is today. Baseball Rampage has their operation site and headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

What does Baseball Rampage do?
Baseball Rampage as a name describes the business at its best. If you have a need for anything baseball, the company most likely offers it at their local store or online site. Products in categories such as baseball gloves, baseball bats, baseball bags, batting helmets, catcher's gear, pitching machines, training aids, sunglasses and shoes are offered from manufacturers such as Wilson, Under Armour, Diamond, All-Star, Nike, Oakley, SKLZ, Reebok, Mizuno, and Adidas.

Why should I use Baseball Rampage?
Baseball Rampage has a wide selection of products available for shoppers to enjoy. They are the one stop shop for baseball players looking to add to, replace or upgrade their gear. Athletes who are new to the game can find all the equipment and apparel needed to start playing baseball in just a few days. On the ecommerce site, customers can shop by product, brand or position. The company also offers a rewards program, allowing consumers and coaches the chance to earn cash back on every purchase.

Where can I find Baseball Rampage products?
Baseball Rampage has a local warehouse in Columbus, Ohio and operates a fully stocked web store front for nationwide deliveries. They kindly offer Zoupons customers special deals that may change from time to time so be sure to check back on our site for the most recent offers and coupons. Thanks Baseball Rampage!


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Baseball Rampage
Rated 5 out of 5
Mike David
December 11, 2014
Purchased some new batters gloves because my old ones were starting lose their grip. Good deal on the gloves .
Baseball Rampage
Rated 5 out of 5
Dante Lewis
December 10, 2014
Cool store, Can't wait to use my online coupon though!
Baseball Rampage
Rated 5 out of 5
Maryam Aminpour
November 3, 2014
Great store!



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The Baseball Post Season is upon us and there are a couple of key games to look out for. The American League will have their wild card game on October 6, 2015 on ESPN. The National League will have a wild card game on the 7th of October. Then, between the 8th and the 15th of October, both the American League and National league division series Games 1-5 will occur. Starting the 16th you’ll be able to catch both leagues Championship Series. Then the World Series Game 1 will occur on October 27th, 2015 on FOX. As for who will be playing, we’ll just have to see. The match up to look out for in the American League East are The Toronto Blue Jays and The New York Yankees. These teams are leading the division respectively. Keep a look out for St. Louis leading the National League’s Central division followed closely by Pittsburgh.

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Cleats have been used for decades in baseball and softball to improve a player’s traction on the field. Cleats in the last 50 years have changed a lot. They’ve been made more durable and have been made more position specific. There are three main types of cleats molded, metal, and turf. There are also interchangeable cleats, which are a mix of metal and molded cleats. Molded cleats can be made of many different types of materials, based on pricing. Lower priced cleats are made for younger players who quickly outgrow their cleats and do not need them for long periods. They also tend to have shorter cleats, which are easier for inexperienced players to use. Higher priced molded cleats are made from a stiffer rubberized plastic that are designed to provide the optimal amount of traction. The harder plastic materials are much lighter than the rubber/metal cleats. All molded cleats tend to be more comfortable since they have a higher number a cleats spread out on the pressure...

How To Choose The Right Baseball Glove

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Choosing the right baseball glove isn’t impossible but it isn’t easy. You want to pick a glove that’s right for your position. Sometimes you don’t have just one position so you want a versatile glove. Regardless of the position you’re going to want a glove that’s durable and made with quality leather. Make sure the glove you choose has the proper webbing. You must finally shop around to find one in your price range. Don’t fall into the trap of buying the all in one glove that isn’t even made with quality materials. Children wear between a 10 and 11-inch glove, while adults wear a 12 or 13-inch glove. You definitely want ample room inside the glove for you to be able to wear your batting glove. This protects the glove from the sweat that can deteriorate the leather, and it also gives you some extra protection around the palm area for catch off-centered balls. First baseman gloves are typically larger to receive throws easier. Catcher’s mitts are usually bigger and...

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Baseball, America’s pastime. How and where did it begin? The earliest known mention of the game in the United States was in 1791. In 1903 it was speculated that baseball derived from a British game called “rounders” but a baseball executive, Albert Spalding, strongly disagreed. There was a commission created in order to find out the true beginnings of the game, it was discovered that Abner Doubleday was the inventor of the pastime, he was a civil war hero and 15 years after his death, he was anointed as the father of the game. The first team to play baseball under its modern rules was the New York Knickerbockers. Baseball was originally a social environment for the upper middle classes and strictly amateur. This team laid out the rules for playing the game; such as, nine-man teams, nine-inning games, bases 90 feet apart and the elimination of the bound rule. The National association of Baseball Players, or NABBP, was formed in 1857 by sixteen New York clubs. This grew to 100...

How to Choose the Right Baseball Batting Helmet Size?

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If you are ordering a batting helmet online, you should know your right size before placing any order. It is very important to choose the right helmet size since a comfortable helmet plays an important role in your performance and safety. Professional baseball players are usually aware of the importance of the proper fitting of a helmet however, many parents assume a lose helmet is just fine since the child will grow and the helmet will eventually fit. Lose helmets can interfere with performance and increase safety risks by wobbling on the head while playing. When looking for a batting helmet you may come across "One Size" helmets that are very tricky. In fact, there is no one helmet that can fit all heads since everyone has a different measurement of head circumference. You can choose your right batting helmet size by measuring your head circumference from the forehead around your head and back to your forehead. Size 6 - 18 3/4 in (49 cm) Size 6 1/8 - 19 1/4 in (50...

Breaking In A New Glove: What is the best method?

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A brand new glove is very stiff and it can be broken in with a few different techniques. The first is to submerge the glove in very hot water for a few minutes. However, this is not always recommended and shortens the glove's life. Some experts advise to use glove oil on firm spots of the glove and let sit. Along with the above steps, you need to constantly work the glove and fold it where the ball will go. Store the glove with a ball in hand and try keeping it warm. But the best way is to just play catch. Play ball!

Best Baseball Rampage 2015 coupons & promo codes

Added On: May 15, 2015
Baseball rampage has a couple of active promotions for 2015 that are likely to be extended for 2016. Zoupons also has one exclusive offer from this retailer which gives you 5% off site-wide including the clearance items.You can also save specifically on catchers, batting gloves and training aids too using three different coupons posted on Zoupons. When you are entering a promo code on Baseball Rampage you might not see the coupon as applied but a customer service agent confirmed for us that you will receive the discount after the payment process. This retailer has recently modified its check out process so that it confirms the discount applied to the order using a coupon. If you're still experiencing any problem with the promo code box you can always email the customer service along with your order information.

Does Baseball Rampage have any stores in the US?

Added On: Apr 29, 2015
Yes, Baseball Rampage has only one location in the entire country that is in Columbus of Ohio. This store is located at Hilliard square shopping center. All baseball goods sold at this location are also available online at

Plastic vs Metal Cleats: Which one is the best baseball cleats?

Added On: Apr 24, 2015
There are two types of baseball cleats, plastic and metal. Metal cleats are very popular among many professional baseball players, but for those who have tried the plastic version, there is no way back to metal! At first it may feel the same however many pro players who have worn such cleats through out all their games, plastic cleats seem to be a better option. The main reason for their popularity over the metal cleats is that they feel tighter, have more cleats and feel more comfortable.

Double savings with Baseball Rampage exclusive offers

Added On: Apr 22, 2015
Baseball rampage is probably the first destination for anyone who needs baseball equipment, but for those involved in this sport the main concern is the cost of goods. Baseball rampage offers great incentives to its customers including coaches to help them both earn and save! By signing up for the Rampage Bucks Rewards you would be entitled to 5% cash back on any purchase you make. On top of that there are many great promo codes from this store including 10% Off any bats, gloves and training aids that give you extra savings. also offers a great exclusive offer of 5% Off every order to its customers through a special relationship with this company.

Whats is Baseball Rampage Bucks Rewards Program?

Added On: Apr 17, 2015
Baseball is an expensive sport. Whether you are looking for bats, gloves, helmets and other sporting goods, you end up paying a lot of money specially if you keep upgrading your equipment. Baseball rampage highly values its customers and for the same reason they reward their loyal customers on every purchase they make. In fact you can get 5% cash back (rampage bucks) on every order that can be used for your next order. To enjoy this great benefit you can join free online. Wholesale shoppers however, get 6% cash back, also called rampage bucks, on every order. This is a great reward for coaches that order baseball equipment on regular basis. Additionally, you are given a code that gives you extra bucks every time one of your team members shop at baseball rampage and uses the code. The more you spend the more your cash back rate is. So if you spend $1000 you get 7% and if you spend $3000 you get 8% cash back. Of course there is always an active coupon from this store on Zoupons...

What is the best baseball bat made of?

Added On: Apr 14, 2015
If you are looking to choose the best baseball bat you should definitely look for the material which the bat is made of. All Baseball bats are made of wood, mainly from 5 types. Maple is one of the best woods to make a bat since it is hard and so makes ball to jump faster off the bat. Maple wood however, lacks flexibility. Ash wood makes a ball to jump off the bat with much more force. Ash bats tend to wear out so easily though. Birch wood bat is much lighter than maple and ash version and it allows the players to swing larger barreled bats through the hitting zone. Bamboo bats are relatively new to the market. Bamboo bats are extremely strong, even stronger than steel! Composite wood bats are very durable which don't wear out quickly. For the same reason they are very expensive compared to other bats. Check out Baseball rampage for all kinds of baseball bats. You can find cheap baseball bats with great quality at baseball rampage website.

A Short History of Baseball

Added On: Apr 10, 2015
It is bedeviled that baseball was first invented and played before the Civil War. The Cincinnati Red Stockings was the first professional baseball team in 1869 which went bankrupt shortly after the start. Later in 1876, the baseball National League was formed. It is interesting to know that the first baseball players played without any baseball accessories and no one would complain about it since it was looked upon as a sissified attempt to demean the sport! In fact the first baseball gloves came in use in 1875.

What brands baseball gear does Baseball Rampage currently offer?

Added On: Apr 9, 2015
With its wide reach across many of the key brands in the industry, the Company offers a dozen brands including: Adidas, All-Star, Anderson Bat Company, Combat, DeMarini, Diamond, Easton, Lizard Skins, Louisville, Slugger, Majestic Athletic, Marucci, Miken, Mizuno, New Balance, Nokona, Rawlings, RIP-IT, Under Armour, Wilson, Zepp on its website. The best way to sort for products by brand, visit their website and choose any given product category from the left navigation. You will be instructed to choose a brand and even better the number of products offered is shown next to each for ease of use.

How to choose the right baseball bat?

Added On: Apr 1, 2015
There are three different types of baseball bats named as Youth, Adult and Senior league Bats. These baseball bats have different sizes, barrel diameter and weight drop. Adult baseball bats are designed for players age 13 and up. For high school and college players, the sizes of the bats will range from 30" to 34". The barrel diameter is 2 5/8” and a – 3 weight drop). You should be able to find the size and barrel diameter stamped somewhere on the bat along with a Bat Exit Speed Rating. Senior league bats are those designed for the intermediate youth players 10 to 13 years old. The lengths of these bats can range from 27" to 32" and will either have a barrel diameter of 2 5/8" or 2 3/4" known as the big barrel. The weight drop in these bats will vary from -5 all the way up to -11. Youth bats are for players around age 7 through 12. All of these bats will have 2 1/4" barrel diameters; the lengths will range from 27" to 32". These baseball bats have the largest weight drop of...

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