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About BookPal

Who is BookPal?
BookPal is an enterprise book seller catering to schools, businesses and government agencies. Bookpal specializes in bulk buyers and offers quantity pricing and customization services. They were founded in 2005 and are currently located in Irvine, CA. They sell and deliver books in bulk throughout the United States.

What does BookPal do?
BookPal is a seller of books in bulk and offers a catalog of more than 3 million titles. Not only do they sell hard copy books in bulk, they also sell e-books. BookPal also carries magazines.

Why should I use BookPal?
BookPal caters to every need. Whether you need a couple dozen novels for your fifth period class or a good amount of e-books for a company giveaway, BookPal looks to serve your needs while applying savings through bulk consumption. BookPal is “dedicated to providing simple and affordable bulk book purchasing to corporations, schools, literacy programs, nonprofits and gov institutions.”

Where can I find BookPal?
BookPal has their physical location in Irvine, California. You can find BookPal products on their ecommerce site. They have been kind enough to offer our Zoupons Shoppers with savings found in the coupons tab. Thanks BookPal!


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Books & The Brain

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The BookPal Reader App

Added On: Jul 10, 2015
BookPal now has their mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. The free app allows BookPal users to redeem book codes and start reading them on their device. Users can read EPUB and PDF electronic books. The application was designed with the reader first. With a tap you can highlight, bookmark, or annotate your books. The reader allows users to look up definitions and share excerpts via Facebook or email. The built in search feature makes finding specific passages easier than ever! Users can also adjust their font size, brightness, and page margins to get the optimal reading experience. Why wait? Download the free app today!

Books For The Middle School Classroom

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There is an interesting teaching style going around in schools called cross-curricular teaching or interdisciplinary teaching. The integration of multiple academic disciples and course books are the perfect medium for this. There are five middle school books that have been recommended as perfect tools for this teaching technique. The first book is Echo by Pam Muñoz Ryan. It intertwines the lived of three children across three different time periods. Each of them possess a musical talent that will determine their fate. This intertwines the academic disciplines of music and history. The second book is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It is the story of a young girl in Nazi journey who has a passion for reading and saving books. Her defiance is inspiring and remarkable. This intertwines the academic disciplines of history and literature. The third book is Phineas Gage: A Gruesome but True Story about Brain Science by John Fleischman. In 1848, Phineas Gage survived a...

BookPal Bargain Books

Added On: Jun 9, 2015
BookPal has a bargain book section where you can browse through thousands of books that have been remaindered or sold off as publisher overstock. They are brand new, but may include marks from the publisher. The genres are endless and you can find anything, ranging from children’s books to cook books, all at great bargain prices.

Frank Einstein & The Electro-Finger II is Now Available at Bookpal

Added On: May 11, 2015
Frank Einstein and the Electro-Finger written by Scieszka, Jon, is the story of Frank Einstein, his best friend and two robots who have a tough challenge against their classmate T. Edison. This book is now available for bulk purchase on for $8.65 (minimum order of 25). You will receive a bigger discount if you order more copies of this book. Free shipping is also included with this order.

What Are The "Classroom Services" Offered by Bookpal?

Added On: May 1, 2015
BookPal is probably one of the best online wholesalers that offers all kinds of books for all ages including those in school. All educational books including textbooks and copies of college books are offered at an affordable price. BookPal assigns a dedicated account manager to assist you with any order or questions you may have. They also offer blanket purchase agreements, custom shipping, flexible payment terms and much more.

Best Places To Buy Cheap Wholesale Books

Added On: Apr 23, 2015
Many online companies that sell all kinds of products online also offer books in large quantities. The downside with such websites is that they usually claim a percentage as commission and so the publisher or the seller has no choice but to increase the initial price in order to make profit after paying the final costs. For this reason it is recommended that you look for smaller wholesale companies that keep the initial prices down due to the lower costs. One great example is Bookpal, who offers wholesale books at affordable prices. Bookpal also runs a foundation that assists a literacy, a non-profit and a variety of educational programs with book donations and discounts on books to make them more affordable for everyone.

What Is The Oldest Book In The World?

Added On: Apr 16, 2015
Although the oldest evidence of writing belongs to 3400 BC, the first written text in the format of a story is believed to be "The Epic of Gilgamesh." It is about Gilgamesh, the king of the Sumerian city who lived around 2700 BC. This story is engraved on clay. The term “book” is a recent innovation compared to the time "The Epic of Gilgamesh" was engraved on clay. In fact, the term book is now used to describe a number of printed sheets encased between two covers. Thanks to new technology, today we use the term "e-book" to describe an electronic version of a book.

Why Reading Is Important For Your Health

Added On: Apr 5, 2015
Studies have shown that reading books can reduce your stress level and keep your brain active. Based on the studies, staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress of many memory related diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Just think about all your muscles and the fact that the more you train them, the stronger they become. Your brain works the same way. The more you engage your brain with words, numbers, questions and answers, the more alert and active it becomes. So grab a book and keep your brain healthy!

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