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Who is is an online retailer of glasses aiming to bring their customers trendy eyewear at affordable prices. Their headquarters is currently located in Columbus, Ohio.

What does do? sells eyeglasses, sunglasses and reading glasses at discounted prices. Customers can shop from top brands and can even browse through categories featuring frame shape and color. provides glasses for Men, Women & Children. They also carry accessories such as microfiber cloths and eye drops.

Why should I use’s goal is “to personally give our customers high-quality stylish eyewear at low prices.” The company offers top brands such as Austin Reed, Lunettos, Fan Frames, Rampage, Bongo and much more. All orders come with free shipping and returns with their 365 Day money back guarantee. If you do not like what you got, send it back, no questions asked.

Where can I find
You can find on their website. They have been kind enough to offer our Zoupons Shoppers with exclusive savings which can be found in the coupons tab. Thanks!


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Rated 5 out of 5
Maryam Aminpour
January 21, 2015
just saved $15 :)



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Everyone is so obsessed with constantly staring at our devices, whether it is for texting or for work. However, continuous staring can bring about some very bad vision and body problems. Some symptoms can be neck and back pain, carpal tunnel, and others that affect the muscles. In order to reduce the risk of seriously injuring yourself, first make sure to have better posture. Next, position your computer so the top of the screen is at or slightly below your eye level. This will allow you to view the screen without bending your neck. Also, adjust the position of your device to prevent a reflection from overhead onto the screen. Another tip is to put your monitor close enough so your eyes can comfortably read the text. Finally, use a hands-free headset for phone calls if you are working at your computer. This will keep you from twisting and kinking you neck.

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There’s a mystifying connection between your eyes and your brain. It all starts with the eyes. The cone-shaped cells in your retina are highly sensitive to light. Bright situations increase the presence of the chemical iodopsin in your cones. They in turn become more sensitive, and can see with greater detail and color. In the dark, a chemical called rhodopsin increases in the rods improving their sensitivity. The cones do not receive enough light for a chemical reaction to occur so this is why vision is obscured in dim light, and non-functional in the dark. The image of an object on the retina is only there for a short period of time. The eyes instinctively continue to gather new input. In a healthy retina, new images are received before the old one fades; this is done at a rate of about 30 times per second. This gives the appearance of an image merging into the next for continuous and smooth vision. This visual information is received through the eyes, but it’s interpreted...

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Vision isn’t always perfect but when it is, it’s called “emmetropia”. For the rest of us some correction is required. Common forms of Ametropia (blurred vision in need of correction) include myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Myopia is when the cornea and retina have too great of a distance between them. This in turn causes people to have issues seeing things far away but not things close up. The more nearsighted people are, the more they must approach an item to view it clearly. Myopia can be corrected with a divergent lens, meaning thinner in the middle and thicker on the sides. Hyperopia is when the distance between the cornea and the retina is too little. Causing people to have a hard time seeing things close up, but no problem with things at a distance. Clear vision can only be attained by force accommodation that can grow tiring over a period of time. Hyperopia can be corrected by using a convergent lens, which is thicker in the center and thinner on the sides....

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Sunglasses are very important, and like sunscreen, should be worn whenever you are outdoors year round. UV exposure is linked to several serous eye conditions such as ocular melanomas and macular degeneration, which is the number one cause of blindness in America. Even on cloudy or winter days, it is still good to wear sunglasses. They also don’t have to break the bank; it is easy to find the cutest pair that protects you. Look for 99% or 100% UVA/UVB sticker or “400” sticker on the glasses. Drugstore glasses that have this offer just as much protection as luxury brands. Also, heat warps the glasses so don’t leave them sitting out in the sun for too long and try not to wear them as a headband because that will distort them as well.

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This is a very common problem for people who wear eyeglasses. If one or both lenses popped out, don't panic since you can fix it easily. First, check if you have metal or plastic frames. Plastic frames are usually easier to deal with since you don't need any tools to put the lenses back on. Heat up the frame around the area where the lens sits by using a blow dryer. You can also put the frame in a bowl filled with hot water. This would cause the plastic frame to expand which makes it easier to put the lens back in the place. Simply, press the lens into the groove on the opposite side of the frame. If you have a metal frame, you need to loosen the screws. You should not remove the screws from the frame since it's challenging to put them back due to their size. Gently, place the lens into the groove and tighten the screw. It's recommended that you place a piece of cloth around the lens when tightening the screw so that you don't scratch the lens. Rimless frames are kind of...

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Discount Glasses Best Promo Codes of 2015

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If you are looking for cheap glasses and accessories, Discount Glasses is one of the best places to shop online. Although this website offers all its products at a very low price, it also offers couple of great promotions for anyone to benefit from. Zoupons has an exclusive promo code from this retailer that gives our visitors 10% off every order at The other promo code is $15 off $50 orders which is also applicable to every order site-wide. The free standard shipping and return policy applies to all orders and no minimum purchase amount is required.

Are Cheap Eyeglasses Good?

Added On: Apr 24, 2015
We all know buying a good pair of glasses could cost somewhere between $100 to $200. If you are into designer frames, this could ramp up to $800. So the question is, besides a frame carrying a designer logo, is there any real difference between cheap and expensive frames? Cheap eyeglasses work perfectly fine for 3 reasons. They have decent quality, come in different shapes and colors, and most importantly, they are affordable! Depending on your personal preference, you can buy a nice pair of eyeglasses at a very low price that would last you a long time. In fact, it seems there is more of a variety in the design and color of cheaper frames compared to branded ones. Additionally, lenses fit well into cheap frames too so they don't pop out as easily. With such frames, losing your eyeglasses wouldn't be as painful! Cheap eyeglasses are also highly recommended for children since they tend to break or lose them. Lenses used for children are polycarbonate, meaning they don't shatter...

Where To Order Cheap Eyeglasses Online

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If you are looking for cheap but quality eyeglasses, Discount Eyeglasses is the right place. This store offers a variety of frames from metal to plastic. They also offer different designs including Aviator, Cat Eye, Oval, Rectangle, Round and Square for different face shapes and sizes. Discount glasses offers a 30-Day Guarantee on all its products and if you are not happy with your purchase you can return the product free and get your money refunded. Cheap eyeglasses should not be cheap in quality but in price and guarantees this!

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It is believed that the first eyeglasses made was between 1268 and 1289 in Italy. Although there is no documented information about who invented the eyeglasses, monks and scholars were the first to wear them. The 1700s was the most important period for the production and improvement of frames. However it wasn't until 1800s that the mass production of eyeglasses became possible. During this time, using eyeglasses was based on when an individual needed it and not medical needs. In 1830, a French manufacturer designed a folding model of eyeglasses which revolutionized the industry. In the 1900s, production of eyeglasses and frames turned into an exploding industry and distribution network. Later, Hollywood celebrities popularized wearing of eyeglasses. One of the most popular eyeglasses used during this time was the pince-nez designed by a French factory. Today, eyeglasses come in different shapes, colors and sizes. People use them on a daily basis for medical reasons or fashion...

How To Choose The Right Eyeglasses

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Do you spend so much time choosing the right pair of eyeglasses that suits you the best? Well, there are three main factors you should consider when buying a pair. Frame color, shape and size are the most important features of eyeglasses. Frame color is a personal desire, however, frame size and shape need the right measurements. In case of the size, you should pick up the most comfortable frame which fits your face the best. It is very important to make sure that the frame is not too tight or too loose around these areas. Frame shape is probably the most challenging to find. For round faces you should look for walnut-shaped or wide frames. Oblong or long faces should look for frames with more depth than width, decorative or contrasting temples that add width to the face to make a long face appear shorter. A base-down triangular face needs to to add width and emphasize the narrow upper third of the face. In this case cat-eye frames are more attractive. Base-Up Triangle faces have...

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