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About Eastbay

Who is Eastbay?
Eastbay was founded in 1980 by Richard Gering and Art Juede as a running shoe company. The company has since grown with Harry Colcord as the CEO and is currently a subsidiary of Footlocker. In 1998, the company turned its marketing website into an e-commerce site where many athletes shop today.

What does Eastbay do?
Eastbay supplies athletic apparel, footwear and sports equipment. They carry a wide range of athletic products for every type of athlete. Sports include basketball, baseball, football, track & field, baseball & more.

Why should I use Eastbay?
The company is a subsidiary of the well-known Footlocker and carries many of the finest sporting brand names & apparel such as Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Under Armour, etc. They even carry Jordan Sneakers from time to time. Navigating through the website is simple & each product has great detail in the respective listing.

Where can I find Eastbay products?
You can find Eastbay products on their e-commerce site, eastbay.com. We would like to thank Eastbay for providing Zoupons Shoppers with exclusive deals that can be found in the coupons tab. Thanks, Eastbay!


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Anthony Pinto
March 17, 2015
great place to buy basketball shoes



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Shout out to the great Moses Malone, and may this NBA legend forever RIP. Malone has died of natural causes at the age of 60 on September 13, 2015. In his career, Moses Malone won the NBA Most Valuable Player award 3 times. He also won the Finals MVP in 2013, as he led his Philadelphia 76ers to a championship title. Malone was also a 12-time All Star with 8 All-NBA selections. He was the first player to become a pro out of high school as he was selected in the draft by the Utah Stars. At the center position, he averaged 18 points and 14 rebounds per game in his rookie season. Other teams Malone played for include the Spirits of St. Louis, Buffalo Braves, Houston Rockets, Washington Bullets, Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks and San Antonio Spurs. He entered the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001. Moses Malone is one the greatest basketball players of all time and he will be remembered forever in the basketball community.

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Check Out The Air Jordan "Son of Mars" Edition!

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The Jordan Son of Mars is an Air Jordan hybrid shoe that was first released in the summer of 2012. It’s a combination of the Air Jordan 3,4,5,6, and 20. Most notably it features the Air Jordan 20’s laser strap across the shoelaces. The strap also has the custom elephant print with a series of relevant icons. The shoe was initially created from the design of the Spizike, which was inspired by Director Spike Lee’s history with the Jordan Brand. Another notable feature on the Son of Mars is the netting under the laces from the Air Jordan 4. They also have icy soles, a large tongue Jumpman, and angular teeth on the midsole from the Air Jordan 5. The Air Jordan 6 influence is clear in the ankle support these sneakers have, the shoes have the same “higher-hitting” ankle support as the 6’s. The attached loop on the rear of the sneaker is an Air Jordan 6 contribution. They have also been done in several Jordan favorite colorways including Bordeaux, Fire Red, and Black Cement. Be...

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Air Jordan 11: The Air Jordan 11’s were released in 1996 and were designed by Tinker Hatfield again. The sneaker was designed with a ballistic upper mesh to make the shoe lighter and more durable. These were also the first Jordan shoes to feature a carbon fiber spring plate in the clear out sole. The spring plate gave the shoe better torque when turning on the court. The most known feature on the shoe is the patent leather mudguard. The patent leather has been known to give the shoes a formal look. People were seen wearing the “11’s” with business suits. Jordan was fined in 1996 when he wore the 11’s by violating the Bull’s colorway policy. After this incident Nike made Jordan a white and black pair seen the movie Space Jam. Jordan wore the 11’s in the 1995-1996 NBA championship, and he wore the Columbia 11’s in the 1996 NBA All-Star Game (Jordan was also chosen as the MVP of the game). The 11’s are the most popular Air Jordan’s and sell out every time they’re...

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Air Jordan 1: Nike’s Air Jordan 1 was first produced for Michael Jordan in 1984. Peter Moore designed the shoe in a red and black colorway matching the Chicago Bulls uniform. NBA commissioner David Stern would go on to ban these shoes because it violated the league's “uniformity of uniforms rule”. Jordan would go on to wear the shoes incurring a $5,000 fine per game; Nike would pay for each fine. The Air Jordan 1 would go on sale to the public between 1985-1986. The “1’s” are a high-top basketball shoe sporting two Nike Checks on each side. Popular colorways are the Bred’s, Black-toes, Olympics, and Laney’s (In honor of Mike’s high school). Air Jordan 2: The sequel to the highly successful Air Jordan 1’s was released during the 1986-1987 NBA season. These shoes brought a new degree of cushioning to Nike shoes. Creator Bruce Kilgore (who designed the Nike Air Force 1’s) designed these shoes with a soft midsole from heel to toe rather than a rubber sole. These...

The Stephen Curry Story

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Being the son of an NBA legend can be big shoes to fill, not if you’re Stephen Curry though. Starting from his high school days in Charlotte to his college days at Davidson, Stephen Curry has always been the underdog. He’s been the smallest player on all of his teams, but he says it made him “mentally strong”. He says even when he heard people doubt him he just used it as motivation to improve his game. With just six seasons in the NBA, Stephen Curry has already proven himself to be a premier player. This year he led the Golden State Warriors to their first championship since 1975. He also nabbed the league’s regular season Most Valuable Player award distinguishing himself from his competitors. Curry’s motto is “I can do all things”. He’s been writing that on the insides of his shoes since his freshman year of college. Stephen Curry is the real meaning of the underdog story. Be sure to check out his Under Armour collection to have the hottest gear the next time you...

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You’re getting ready for that big race or you just want to start working out more, but you don’t have any good shoes. How do you pick the right pair? Here are some helpful tips and tricks to making sure you have happy feet with your next pair of running shoes. The first step is to bring an old pair with you to the store so the sales associate can analyze how you run. They look for ideal wear patterns that are as central as possible with wear on the outside of the heel, because this suggests natural roll as you run. If the wear pattern is less than ideal, they can suggest a type of shoe that will help correct it. A very common problem they see is excessive rolling or over-pronation, which is a serious problem that is frequent in people with flat feet. It is the natural inward rolling of the foot as you walk, but if it is too pronounced it can lead to painful long-term joint issues. When they measure your feet for length and width, they also look at arches because that can help...

Eastbay Jordan June 2015 Restock

Added On: Jun 4, 2015
Eastbay has undergone their most recent Jordan Restock. The June 2015 Release features the Jordan 3 “Powder Blue”, the Jordan 4 “Laser”, the Jordan 7 “N7”, the Jordan 5 “white Metallic”, and the Jordan 13 “Bred.” Jordan sneakers are notorious for selling out extremely quickly so head over to Eastbay and buy your pair before it is too late. Eastbay also offers Jordan shorts, tees, backpacks, tanks and more.

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