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About The Body Shop

Who is The Body Shop?
The Body Shop is a cosmetics and make-up retailer that was founded by Dame Anita Roddick in March of 1976. Their current headquarters is in Littlehampton, England, United Kingdom and they have thousands of store locations all over the world. The company is now part owned by L'Oréal.

What does The Body Shop do?
The Body Shop produces and sells cosmetics all over the world. They have around 1,200 products including cosmetics, make-up, fragrance, shop ingredients and much more. Customers can shop through shower gels & creams, soaps, body butter, lotion, oils, scrubs, exfoliants, body mists, creams, masks, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, candles and so much more!

Why should I use The Body Shop?
The Body Shop has been successful internationally and is now part owned by L'Oreal. All of their products are 100% vegetarian. They use the finest raw ingredients and never test on animals.

Where can I find The Body Shop?
The Body Shop has about 2,500 stores in 61 countries. You can also find them online on their ecommerce site, They have been kind enough to provide Zoupons with coupons for all our customers.


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The Body Shop
Rated 5 out of 5
Dante Lewis
December 10, 2014
A lot of guys won't admit to using beauty products. Me, I like my skin clean and smooth. :)



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Body Butter Vs. Lotion

Added On: Jul 13, 2015
For those who have not tried body butter before, it is a moisturizing cream that is whipped to be lighter and easier to apply. It is intended for long-lasting moisturizing. What is the difference between body butter and lotion you may ask? The answer is in the ingredients and how they are made. Lotion contains water, and some even contain up to 70%! Lotion tries to minimize dryness by adding in moisturizing agents, but it wears off quickly. Body butter is made most of oils and butters. These ingredients penetrate the surface of the skin and help nourish and condition it. You use body butter in the same way you use lotion, they are designed for all over the body and use it daily after showering. It is not greasy and only leaves behind silky soft skin. Body butters revitalize, rejuvenate, recondition, hydrate and sooth your skin.

The Body Shop is Against Animal Testing

Added On: Jul 10, 2015
The Body Shop has a pledge calling for a global ban on animal testing in cosmetics and more than one million customers and cruelty free international supporters signed! The Body Shop has worked tirelessly to create new and inventive ways to secure signatures for the pledge. They are trying to spread the word against animal testing and make a change. In the past few years, the word has been spread with some historic development. The European Union is celebrating the end of animal testing in cosmetics in Europe. The sale and import of animal tested products was banned as of March 2013. India also agreed to the ban last year. Many Asian nations have also taken the step, including China having new regulations for no longer having mandatory testing on animals. Cruelty Free International, with the support of The Body Shop, will continue to fight against animal cruelty.

Benefits Of Lotion

Added On: Jun 30, 2015
Lotions have been around for a very long time and it’s easy to forget to put it on every day. However, it is so important to keep your skin moisturized and protected. Lotions preserve the skin by helping it retain water and it can prevent dry skin while addressing conditions such as flaking, itching and redness. Emollients in lotion act as a shield and protect the skin from many things such as pollution, which causes aging. If you are concerned about aging, lotions with retinoids may reduce fine lines and even out the skin tone. Other lotions might help with acne, such as salicylic acid. It is always good to get lotions with SPF as well to protect your skin in all types of weather. Even if its cloudy, you’re still getting a lot of UV rays on your skin.

What is the Love Your Body Rewards Card?

Added On: Jun 21, 2015
Becoming a Love Your Body club member is very easy and being a part of the Body Shop’s reward program has some awesome benefits. These benefits include 10% off in-store and online purchases, a $10 reward for your birthday month, invitations to member only events, exclusive offers and sneak peaks of new products. You can also earn points with purchases. $15 reward with 4 points and $25 reward with 8 points and a free renewal.

What’s Unique About The Body Shop?

Added On: Jun 9, 2015
The Body Shop is very unique when it comes to some of their ingredients. Their products range from body lotions, scrubs, washes and masks to hand and face goods. Anything you need for a perfect home spa day, they have it. What makes them more intriguing is their ingredients and wide range of scents, such as; Absinthe, Hemp, Fijian water lotus, Maca root, wild Argan oil and so much more. Also, any purchase above $50 gets free shipping!

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