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About UMI Shoes

Who is Umi Shoes?
Umi Shoes is a children’s shoe manufacturer that was founded in 2004 by Mark Kohlenberg. In 2010, the company was acquired by Weyco Group Inc. Umi builds shoes for babies, toddlers, little children and big children. Their headquarters is currently located in Glendale, Wisconsin.

What does Umi Shoes do?
Umi Shoes manufactures and retails shoes for babies, boys and girls. Boys can enjoy lace up shoes, velcro shoes, sandals, sneakers, boots and more. Girls can choose from Mary Janes, moccasins, ballet flats, sneakers, sandal, boots and more. Customers can also find UmiBaby Shoes which feature the Crawl + Cruise & the First Walker baby footwear. They insert a patented anti-bacterial foot bed in every UmiBaby shoe to keep the wearer’s feet healthy and comfy.

Why should I use Umi Shoes?
Umi Shoes develops only the most comfortable shoes for children. Their shoes are extremely flexible and made of natural materials to keep feet dry and healthy. Umi Shoes breathe easy and are crafted to protect and cushion your feet at all times. All of their light, hand-crafted shoes contain comfort, style and quality. Also, they use only non-toxic, environmentally friendly natural materials to create their merchandise and they ship their products in 100% recycled packaging. “At Umi we care about protecting our children and our planet. Just like you.”

Where can I find Umi Shoes?
Umi sells their shoes through major retailers such as Amazon, Zappos, and Nordstrom. Umi Shoes can also be found on their ecommerce site. They have been kind enough to offer our Zoupons shoppers exclusive deals which can be found in the coupons tab.


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People have been wearing shoes since the beginning of time. The earliest and oldest known shoe (which was a sandal) dates all the way to about 8,000 BCE. The oldest known leather shoe was made with a single piece of cowhide and a leather cord holding it together. Archaeologists believe that this leather shoe is over 3,500 years old. They also believe that shoes were probably worn even earlier than the date of the oldest known shoe. These shoes are not here today because they were made of different materials and have perished over time. Wearing shoes allowed the feet of the wearer to be protected from rocks, snow, ice, etc. Archaeologists think that we have less bones in our feet today because the invention of shoes changed the course for human development. Now shoes are a mandatory part of our wardrobe. Many restaurants won’t even let you inside unless you have shoes on. Shoes come in so many different styles and designs. Find the perfect shoes for your children at UMI Shoes.

Shopping For Back To School Shoes

Added On: Sep 18, 2015
Parents always want to make sure their children are as healthy as they can be, but it is easy to forget about the feet. Your child’s feet can grow up to two sizes in six months. A good fit for a pair of shoes is about a finger’s width from the end of the shoe to the tip of the big toe. Tight shoes can cause blisters on the toes and back of the heels. Shoes do wear out and if you continue using worn-out shoes, it may lead to tendonitis and even ankle problems. Many children have flat feet and need shoes with a wide tow box, maximum arch support and shock absorption. Always listen to what your child has to say regarding their feet, even if it does not look bad, something might be affecting their feet badly.

Facts About Children’s Feet

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As a child develops, so do their feet. A baby’s foot contains more cartilage than bone, but over time it will fuse and harden into adult bones. The foot develops fully after 2 years from birth, but the bones will not fully harden until about the age of 18. This is why it is crucial to have good, supportive shoes from early on so that the foot will develop naturally. Feet grow so fast when they are young, on average, a child will grow up to 12 sizes in their first few years of life. Getting your child’s feet measured at least once every 3 months is recommended in order for their shoes to fit properly. Shoes that are too small can damage or deform the foot permanently. Kid’s feet handles much more stress than adult’s feet do, and these high activity levels need flexible shoes. Children should wear shoes with good shock absorption and durable soles. Many people believe that pains and problems adults have in their feet, were caused by poor shoes during their childhood. Arch...

Umi Shoes Size Ruler

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As we all know, kids grow at extraordinary rates. This makes it difficult to keep track of their clothing and shoe sizes, but Umi Shoes has a helpful tool to keep you current with your child’s ever growing feet. One of their resources on their main page is a shoe size ruler that is 100% accurate for your Umi Shoes. This PDF is printable and very easy to use. First, make sure the sheet is printed to at 100% for perfect results. Then, line up your child’s heels with the dashed lines at the bottom of the page. Next, draw a line in front of your child’s longest toe. Sometimes the biggest toe is not the longest. As you know, Umi Shoes are sized for room to grow so you want to pick a size closest to the measurement. If their feet measure about halfway or less between sizes, size down. You are all set, just find a pair you like, match their size and order. Happy shoes for happy little feet.

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We’ve all at one time or another picked up a pair of our shoes just to get a whiff of their unpleasant odor. It’s no secret that when you wear your shoes over time they’ll start to have an odor. Don’t fret as we have some tips to keep your shoes from stinking! The first tip is to pour a little bit of baking soda into the shoes overnight. In the morning you should shake off the excess powder! You can also use cedar chips as they are anti-fungal, and are sometimes used to deodorize clothes. If you’re not an everyday kind of maintenance person you can put odor control soles in your shoes. These are usually inexpensive and can be worn with the shoes. If these conventional approaches aren’t enough you should try washing the shoes in the washing machine. Putting baby powder on your feet before you put on your socks can also reduce sweating and odor. Another approach is to try and let shoes rest between wears. This allows them time to air out before each use. Your shoes are...

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What is the Best Shoe Brand for Toddlers?

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Choosing the right shoes for children is very challenging sometimes but if you are looking for a reliable brand, Umi Shoes is one of the best options. This company is well-known for its high quality and comfortable shoes for size 1 to 13 for both girls and boys. Umi Shoes uses breathable material giving your child a comfortable experience over long hours by keeping their feet dry at all times. The breathable material allows oxygen circulation inside the shoe minimizing the accumulation of moisture. Moreover, shoes made by this company don't need a break-in period since they are made of flexible materials. Also, by purchasing shoes from this brand, you can be assured that your child's toes won't be pinched due to a standard gap designed around toes.

What Sets Umi Shoes Apart From Regular Children Shoe Makers?

Added On: Jun 16, 2015
UMI Shoes pride themselves on their high quality children’s shoes and thought put into making them. They use only the softest, drum-dyed leathers and non-toxic materials. They ship their shoes in 100% recyclable packaging and try to be as environmentally proactive as possible. Their shoes give children room to grow with their rounded toes and flexibility for no break-in required.

Umi Shoes Increasing Sales Overseas

Added On: Jun 5, 2015
Umi has increased their product distribution in overseas countries such as China, the Philippines, India, Israel, Russia and South Korea. The infant and children’s shoes are doing particularly well in parts of South Korea, where parents are willing to spend a great amount on their newborns for the best Western brands. The company is doing almost a quarter of its sales outside the United States. Weyco Group Inc., who also represents Florsheim, Nunn Bush, BOGS, Rafters and Stacy Adams brands, acquired Umi in 2010 and business has been increasing rapidly ever since. Umi is set to release more new shoes for newborns and infants this summer along with a new collection of casual shoes for boys.

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