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About Wristband Express

At Wristband Express, our mission is clear -- providing our customers with unparalleled value in the wristband identification marketplace. Without exception, we offer the industry’s highest quality identification products at extremely competitive prices. Since all of our products are sold direct, we pass along the savings to you. Whether you’re in the entertainment, recreation or healthcare business, our products are designed to provide you with the most cost effective method of secure identification.

Millions of our bands are being used today, and we stand committed to making sure that every one of our customers is satisfied with their purchase. As a Midwest based, family owned business, we take great pride in our work and truly value your business. We invite you to experience the convenience, quality and value of ordering from Wristband Express.

Who is Wristband Express?
Wristband Express is a family owned wristband manufacturer based in the Midwest-United States.

What does Wristband Express do? Why Should I?
Wristband Express provides customers the highest quality secure identification products in the wristband identification marketplace. Whether you’re in the entertainment, recreation, or healthcare business, this company has the exact wristband to fit your needs. This company offers Tyvek, plastic, vinyl, and silicon wristbands all at the lowest prices available. Whether you need disposable voucher bands or custom-embossed silicon bands, Wristband Express is your next stop. Silicone wristbands are perfect for raising awareness, marketing and advertising, and fund raising. Their silicone wristbands are produced with exacting standards for quality, and are 100% Silicone and contain no lead. With expedited production as quick as 3 business days, your next wristband purchase is only a few clicks away.

Where can I find Wristband Express?
You can find Wristband Express on their website. The company has been kind enough to offer our shoppers exclusive deals via the coupons tab.


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Wristband Express
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Maryam Aminpour
March 30, 2015



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Why You Could Definitely Use Some Vinyl Wristbands

Added On: Aug 14, 2015
If you’re looking into the best type of indicator wristband for your business, event, or party, then chances are you’ve heard about the vinyl wristbands on Wristband Express. These wristbands are great for events that last for a couple of days and require a lasting band. Their expected range of durable use is 7 to 9 days! Their durability is their whole purpose. They’re made with three layers of vinyl and a secure one-time use locking snap. These wristbands are waterproof, and in stock wristbands ship in just three business days! They’re great for ride usage, beverage distribution, food vouchers, and more. These wristbands are available in 100 or 500 count packs, and are one of the cheapest vinyl wristbands on the Internet. If you want to save money and boost efficiency, then you could definitely use some vinyl wristbands.

Why You Should Buy Tyvek Wristbands

Added On: Jul 17, 2015
If you find yourself needing wristbands for your company, then you know just about how frustrating it is to ensure everyone gets one. The last thing you want to have to worry about is the actual wristband! Tyvek wristbands are here to end the argument when it comes to which wristbands you should purchase. Tyvek wristbands are more durable than paper wristbands, and are also more tamper-resistant. They are water resistant and can be worn for longer than one day because of their durability. The best thing about this company’s wristbands is their price. Tyvek bands run around $14 dollars for 500. Even with customization it may be cheaper than some other competitors usual prices. This company provides wristbands with an unlimited amount of uses. With application for things such nightlife, concerts, events, school, etc. you’ll never find yourself unable to use these wristbands. If you’re still not convinced, look at the security benefits and customization options these bands...

How To Remove Wristbands Without Damaging Them

Added On: Jun 29, 2015
If you are into collecting your favorite festival and concert wristbands, then there is an easy way to remove without damaging them. Festival wristbands that are made of fabric can be taken off your wrist by twisting the hanging ends and pulling the toggle at the same time. This should loosen up the wristband to the point that you can easily take it off and add it to your collection. Did you also know that you can swap your unwanted wristbands for those you want by attending wristband exchange events?

What Other Deals Does Wristband Express Offer?

Added On: Jun 16, 2015
Wristband Express has a clearance and closeout wristband section where you can buy packets of 500 bands for a great deal. Many of them are discontinued colors or styles that are available for a limited time. Save on your wristband purchase with the discounts provided.

What Type of Bands Does Wristband Express Offer?

Added On: Jun 5, 2015
Who doesn’t love getting that special colored wristband at a concert? Wristband Express offers a wide variety of bands. The first is tyvek, a paper band that is very durable. There are also plastic and vinyl bands, and finally the everlasting silicone bands. For any occasion with large numbers, you can customize your wristbands in many fun ways with Wristband Express.

What Are The Best Wristband Express 2015 Promo Codes?

Added On: May 12, 2015
If you are ordering your wristbands online at wristbandexpress.com, you can save with Zoupons' exclusive coupon. This coupon gives the visitors of Zoupons 5% off every order site-wide. You can also eligible for free shipping if your order is $75 or more. Simply check the "Coupon" tab of this store to copy and paste the promo code. Did you also know that this company has a similar website called Wristco.com? Make sure to check their page on Zoupons for the exclusive offer we carry.

What Are The VIP Wristbands Offered by Wristband Express?

Added On: Apr 24, 2015
VIP wristbands are among the hottest wristbands offered for marketing. These wristbands are used in different events for VIP entrance. Tyvek and plastic wristbands are used for making VIP wristbands. Both materials are non-reusable, water resistant and durable for events with long hours. If you choose Tyvek material, two sizes of ¾" and 1" are available. You can also customize the VIP wristbands to make them further fit your event.

What Are Paper Wristbands Made Of?

Added On: Apr 22, 2015
Paper wristbands are very popular for short term events since they are very durable and water resistant. The strength is due to Dupont Tyvek, which is the material used to make the wristband. In fact, Tyvek is a synthetic material that was discovered in 1955 by a researcher working in a lab. Tyvek was later used to make other products such as wristbands. One benefit of paper wristbands is that they are very light-weight, making them comfortable for users. They also contain a strong waterproof adhesive which prevents them from being ripped off when in contact with water.

How To Customize Your Wristbands On Wristband Express

Added On: Apr 16, 2015
Wristband Express offers customization of your wristband online. Customization is available on Silicone and Tyvek wristbands. For Tyvek wristbands, which are usable for 1-2 days, only black imprinting is offered. Any order submitted by 3 pm is made and shipped the next day. For silicone wristbands however, you can choose between 15 imprinting colors. Both wristbands are water resistant and durable. Silicone customization orders usually take up to 16 business days to be made and shipped.

Features Of Tyvek Wristbands

Added On: Apr 6, 2015
Tyvek wristbands are short term tamper resistant wristbands made from synthetic paper called DuPont Tyvek. This environmentally friendly wristband is recyclable and is usually usable for 1-2 days. One of the benefits of Tyvek wristbands is that they all contain a unique number for monitoring purposes. You can also use the back side of the wristband to write on using a permanent marker.

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